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She Dies But Still Gives Birth To A Baby 4 Months Later. How’s It Possible

Bringing a new life into this world is probably one of the greatest gifts given by God. The joy of a woman being pregnant and expecting a child is definitely something precious. However, the happiness doesn’t seem to be there if the mother’s chances of survival are bleak with the pregnancy.

The same thing happened with Sandra Pedro when she found out she was pregnant. She had suffered from severe health problems previously and going ahead with the pregnancy would prove to be fatal to her life. She decided to go ahead despite the risks and something really shocking happened.


Her family was alerted regarding her condition.

After conducting the final scans on her brain, she was clearly brain dead but her baby was still alive. Her family decided that they would keep the baby alive through life support machines. So they put Sandra on a ventilator & a feeding tube and pumped essential hormones into her body so that they baby could survive.

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