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Two Girls Were Exchanged After Birth. 24 Years Later They Discover Their Real Parents

After a shocking hospital mix-up, Lorena Cobuzzi and Antonella Zenga’s lives were set on dramatically different paths.

In a maternity ward in Puglia, Italy, Lorena and Antonella were born just 11 minutes apart. After being labelled by the hospital, they were exchanged unknowingly and Lorena was sent to Caterina and Michele Cobuzzi while Antonella was given to Loreta and Luigi Mazzone. They both grew up just two miles apart in Puglia, but their nourishment was totally different. Lorena experienced a joyful upbringing while Antonella’s childhood was full of troubles.

The mystery revealed when the parents of Antonella saw her photo on Facebook after 24 years.

According to DailyMail, Lorena (26) told how she received the distressing news by the Cobuzzis that she is not the real daughter of the parents whom she is living with for 24 years. “I felt physically sick”, was Lorena’s reaction to media. She remembers the moment she knew the truth two years ago. As Cobuzzis discovered the truth, they told  her that they had something important to tell her. “The feeling was terrible, I didn’t know who to call mom and dad”, she said. They also told her that there is a girl named Antonella who looks exactly similar to Caterina. Cobuzzis consulted the family photos to prove the mix-up Lorena and Antonella faced. A DNA test further proved that Antonella is a real daughter of Caterina and Michele Cobuzzi.

Now the both girls are with their real parents, and both the families are suing for a combined €22 million from the hospital.

The story of a strange mix-up goes viral on the internet.


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