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The Internet Can’t Stop Looking At This Wide-Eyed Police Sketch


When a criminal’s on the loose, police will need to use every option at their disposal if they ever hope to catch them. Depending on how many clues are on hand, some of these tools seem like desperate long-shots but you never know how chance will intervene to bring the offender to justice.

One of the more famous techniques is for police to employ a sketch artist to give the public some idea of what the fugitive looks like. Of course, the quality of sketch depends on how well eyewitnesses can describe the culprit and how clearly they saw them. Considering how notoriously unreliable eyewitness reports are, the resulting sketch can easily become a last-ditch shot in the dark.

Still, when they work they can work very well. Lois Gibson’s sketches are credited with solving over 1,000 crimes, which netted her the Guinness World Record for the most successful sketch artist.

Plus it’s helpful if the fugitive has a very distinguishing feature that stands out in each witness’s mind. Fortunately for police, today’s wanted criminal should have no trouble being picked out of a lineup.

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