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Boxing Legend Muhammad Ali Passes Away At 74, RIP!

The father of all the boxers, the legend Muhammad Ali passed away later Friday night at the age of 74, after a 32-year-long battle with Parkinson’s disease. Millions of fans around the world are left shocked.

His life is an inspiration. When he stepped into the ring, his eyes saw shivering legs of all of his opponents. He made it sure to not take too much time of his busy challengers by ending their challenge within the very first of the rounds.

Ladies and gentlemen, we bring to you, the ultimate champion of all time, weighing a 210 pounds, MUHAMMAD ALIIII….

#1 A Schwinn bike was behind his boxing career.


The incident took place when Ali was just 12-year-old (he was called Clay), his brand new gifted bike got stolen and he reached the local police, crying. Joe Martin, the policeman then asked the furious Clay to learn boxing. Six weeks later, Clay won his first bout in a split decision.

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