17 awesome household gadgets that will make your life easier

Bright Side came across a few awesome household tools developed to have your life quite easy and have more fun. They are useful, colorful, impressive, beautiful and space-saving . Have a look at these Seventeen smart devices below, and just think of the way your lifestyle will improve if you have all these amazing gadgets at your house.

Magnetic stickers


You may have all the little common items you require right on hand.

Origami boat candles


An attractive and easy technique to decorate your property and develop a magical environment.

A hook-on desk for your balcony


Can it be a flower pot, or a table? It is both! You can now do the job open air along with the ease you need, and breathe fresh air through the most productive hrs of day.

A waterproof notepad


Good ideas usually appear in the bath, and having this waterproof notepad you'll not them down, leave messages, as well as write love notes. Wonderful!

A backpack with a hood


Definitely functional. You do not need to put on a raincoat to prevent yourself from rain and wind – this backpack offers all you need to go cope with the weather.

The Thumb Thing


Prevent your book from closing just by single finger! This outstanding book-page holder may also be used as a bookmark, on top of making reading much more at ease.

Food huggers


This lovely kitchen tool avoids your remaining fruits and vegetables from rotting and maintains them fresh.

For those who love singing in the shower


Create fun to your shower adventure! Using this shower head speaker you'll enjoy songs, and also receive calls throughout the shower.

A peel-able brush


Using this simple gadget you'll eventually clean your brush’s bristles in a movement! Can this be the

Cord-gobbling balls


Wires no longer filling the house. Such lovely and colorful balls take up extra cables, wires and cords and

A mold to bake individual cake slices


How can we do lacking this mold many years? Really smart.

A multi-tool phone case


This example can change your cell into a 22-tool Swiss army knife. Best for anyone who loves camping and adventures yet wants to remain connected.

Scissors and tape all in one


How often have you hoped you'd something similar to this to use? Perhaps, so much!

A fountain for your faucet


That tool may change your faucet in to a drinking fountain. So you don't need to keep to your head

A bathtub caddy


You don't want to be come out from bathtub when you have this one! It'll maintain your beauty products, your loving book, or a glass of wine attainable when you relax in the tub. Excellent!

Frigdepad for iPad


Stick your iPad on the freezer and enjoy music or see a recipe ingredients tutorial as you cook.

A holder for hot styling tools


Forget about heat marks on your bathroom counter tops! You'll place your roller away free of waiting it to cool – that helpful tool will keep all of your very hot styling equipment safely.

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