Ten common makeup mistakes that make us look older

Makeup can increase our self-confidence by showing our excellent facial features and having our skin seem well-nourished. But, you might have realized that it often may actually cause you to look aged? Nobody remains safe from picking out the improper makeup techniques sometimes! To assist you prevent them, we at Good Side have put together a list of 10 of the very common mistakes that will put years to your look!

1. Applying too much concealer


In our wish to make a best matte effect, a lot of us produce the blunder of using a lot of concealer. If you not choose the appropriate color and place over very thick a layer, you will finish up displaying your wrinkles and having your face appearance older. To prevent this, best makeup specialists suggest avoiding thick foundations. Rather, select liquid ones that contain luminous particles – they will keep your skin seem healthy and natural free of overloading it.

2. Overusing mascara on the lower lashes


Applying mascara to touch up the lower eyelash and highlight the ends of the eyes may give your gaze further expressiveness. However, applying a lot of mascara on your lashes may divert everyone’s attention to the wrinkles close to your eyes. Regardless of how little these wrinkles are – thick mascara can make them be noticeable!

3. Selecting the wrong lipstick tone


There is no doubt over it – lipstick are able to do miracles to your impression! This season, do not hesitate to try out rich, saturated shades. But, do not neglect – if your lips are naturally slim, you don't use dark-toned lipsticks. Dark shades will probably keep your lips seem even thinner. If you'd like your lips to seem larger, lipstick will be of aid, also – all you have to do is overdraw your natural lip line!

4. Applying dark eyeshadows the wrong way


Do not use shadows on the entire lid region – this makes you appear clearly aged! What's right is to just apply the outer edges of your eyes.

5. Overusing lower lid eyeliner


Using dark eyeliner to the lower lid creates your eyes seem narrow. To deal with the issue, try a light makeup pencil – this would put openness to your impression!

6. Putting rouge on the apples of your cheeks


Forget dark and intense colors! It is time to change your interest toword lighter shades, like pale pink or peach. Make sure to apply blushes on the upper portion of your cheeks, never the core part. Showing.

the apples of your cheeks had been a great idea if you're younger, but – when we get more mature, we must alter to the changes our skin experiences. Rather than attempting to emphasize the central zone, test dabbing rouge around the top cheekbones, not very near to the nose region. Applying cool and natural tones can make your face appear younger and offer it a romantic glow. In addition, adding rouge on your cheekbones must have a localized raising effect.

7. Highlighting your eyebrows too much


Applying intense dark shades to enhance and emphasize your eyebrows will make your face seem ungroomed and age-worn. You might be better to apply colors a tone lighter compared to your natural eyebrow color.

8. Neglecting to use corrector


Dark circles below the eyes cause a challenge for some people. With time, these spots get more noticeable. Using concealer will surely cause even more damage. In contrast, using certain corrector will work wonders! Attempt to use it on just dark areas and pass on it as thinly as you can.

9. Forgetting to shade your lip lines


Applying lip liner pencil is required for effective makeup. It enables you to have the lips outline more defined and attractive. But, you'll be careful while attempting to make your lips seem bigger by overdrawing the natural lip borders. Always tone the lining in the direction of core of the lips – else, you are threatening to end up with obvious ’mustache’!

10. Powdering your face too thickly


Powder is useful for correcting skin flaws only if it is used in minor volumes. When applied too generously, the thing itself can be an issue! Use light mineral or rice powder to reduce that oily, glistening impact in the T-zone. Steer clear of powdering the region near the eyes – this can only highlight the wrinkles and make your skin appear dry.

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