How to Make a Bruise Go Away

Sometimes you get bruises on your body – due to unfortunate injuries or not having concentration of our own. Once the preliminary ordeal is over, most of us seek out solutions to make a bruise disappear. If the injury is a slight one, we find means to heal the bruise and get the spots disappear by ourselves instead of going to a doctor. In treating and making contusions vanish, many people select natural tips on how to medicines.

6 Tips on Healing a Bruise

Here are a few suggestions for healing a bruise that could be useful in case of an unfortunate damage.

  1. Use ice cubes to the affected region soon after the injury. However, keep in mind that ice shouldn’t be put on any part of the body directly; instead, put the ice-cubes in to a piece of thin cloth and press gently to the injured region for about 20 mins.
  2. Try to elevate the injured region so the blood does not rush to this area of your body. If the injury is on one of the limbs, such as a hand or leg, rest it as much as you can.
  3. Placing hot compress to the affected area of the body may help minimize swelling, if any. It also assists in regulating blood circulation, particularly when there is blood stuck under the skin.
  4. Massage the affected region carefully and in circular motion if it’s not too hurtful for you. Repeat this for five min’s every few hours till the muscle gets relaxed.

5.To relieve the swelling in the injured region, put a piece of cloth carefully over it as a bandage. The bandage must be lightly bound in order not to put stress on the injury.

6.A diet of Vitamin C and Vitamin K enriched fruits and vegetables may help contusions heal quicker; these foods contain strawberries, lemons, oranges, black currents, spinach, broccoli and cabbage.

20 Home Remedies for Bruises

A lot of people want to use natural and home-made treatments to get bruise spots go away, that’s perhaps the best technique of doing it.

  1. Use a mixture produced from toothpaste and salt on the injury using a toothbrush, without touching the skin through hands.
  2. An alternate way to use toothpaste is to apply it to the bruise, hold out for 15 min’s for the toothpaste to harden, after which rinse it away using lukewarm water.
  3. Put lumps of butter on the bruise; fat in the butter assists the skin to recover.
  4. Get a few parsley leaves and smash them so the liquid touch the injured skin when used.
  5. Put 2 cups of Epsom Salt to warm water, and placed in the injured section of your body in that warm water for 20 min’s.
  6. Put on a few fresh and natural Aloe-vera gel on the bruise and leave it until mark removes.
  7. Place vinegar over a piece of clean cloth and put it on the affected region. Vinegar helps the blood flow under the skin and eliminates any bruise caused by blood clotting.
  8. 8.Boil some common salt in water and dip a piece of cloth in that water after slightly cooling it. Use the dipped piece of cloth on the injured region for several minutes each night, and gradually observe the marks reduce.
  9. Use regular Chap Stick to the injured region in a circular motion, and the marks will gradually go away after a few repeatitions.
  10. Mix lavender essence along with any carrier oil, i.e. coconut oil or olive oil, and massage the injured section of the body slowly. Use very little lavender oil since it is quite strong and could result in irritation.
  11. A simple approach to cope with contusions due to blood clot is to keep a clean penny to the injured region. This enables the blood clot under the skin to disappear.
  12. Peel a fresh cold potato and remove several thin pieces. Carefully press the potato slices to the injured skin for the spots to gradually go away.
  13. Boil an egg and cool it; remove the eggshells away and rotate the egg around the marks to cure it naturally.
  14. Put some cream cheese to the injury; it will be far better if the cream cheese is cool.
  15. Get a spoon composed of stainless steel; place it in the freezer for Five min’s. As soon as the spoon gets cold, have it against the injury. Repeat this for a couple times for about 3-4 days, and the bruise will gradually vanish.
  16. Peel a banana and slice the peel in a shape that’s a bit larger than the injury. Push the piece of banana peel to the injury softly.
  17. Get the skin, leaves and also the seed of an avocado and boil these to prepare a tea. Strain the water out from leavings and put on to the bruise.
  18. Take lemon juice and put it on the injured region through a toothbrush . After that, take a comb and slowly use that around the injured region to remove blood clot.
  19. If you’ve rubbing alcohol in the home, apply a bit over the injury get the marks gradually disappear.
  20. Get some tea tree oil and blend it with some water; use this on the injured region and observe the bruise marks fade away ultimately.
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