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6 Common Causes of Lower Left Abdominal Pain

Left lower quadrant pain is a term widely used to describe discomfort in the lower left section of the abdomen. Lower left abdominal pain is generally connected to the digestive tract. However, the problem may also be linked to risks of your skin, reproductive organs, urinary tract, body wall or the blood vessels. The issue leads to discomfort and a extreme pain that could result in rigidity within the abdomen place.

What Causes Lower Left Abdominal Pain?

The lower left quadrant (LLQ) consists of the descending colon, left ovary, kidney, sigmoid colon, left ureter, left spermatic cord, the uterus and the bladder.

1. Diverticulitis

This problem is usual in aged people and it is generally felt as a sharpened discomfort within the left side of your abdomen. The pain is caused by a bulge creation across the left bowel walls together with the following signs:

  • Fever
  • A continuously or abruptly rising LLQ pain
  • Inflammation within the lower left abdomen area
  • Diarrhea with irregular shiny red blood

2. Constipation

Constipation might look like a continual restricting pain, generally in the LLQ. It might be as a result of food with low-fiber content such as cakes, meat, etc., lack of water, dry food, missing meals and body pain. These circumstances will probably result in sharp pain in lower left abdomen.

3.Urinary Tract Disorders

An infection of your urinary tract is commonly associated with pain while urinating or a constant need to urinate. The infections are usually microbial infections influencing the excretory system that consists of the kidneys, bladder and ureter or urethra.

A bacterial infection around the bladder results in a situation referred to as cystitis that may also result in lower left abdominal pain, a burning sensation while urinating or a frequent need to urinate and pelvis pain.

4.Bowel Related Conditions

Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis are typical reasons for left abdominal discomfort. In the Crohn’s disease, abdominal pain is generally major signs beneficial in detecting the condition. These associated bowel circumstances result in severe pain within the abdomen, serious diarrhea, vomiting and rectal bleeding with other complications.

Lower abdominal discomfort can be symptom of irritable bowel which is generally seen as an uncommon gut shrinkage. Other indications of this bowel associated issue are abnormal bowel movements, passing stools with mucus, abdominal cramping and flatulence

5.Kidney Disorders

A problem with the kidneys (kidney stones) is usually due to large amounts of calcium or uric acid within the body. Dehydration is yet another source of kidney stones. A typical symptom is having a lower left abdominal discomfort, fever, nausea, groin pain and vomiting.

Lower left abdominal discomfort may also be due to an infection of your kidneys. It often starts with the bladder thereafter reaches out to the kidneys. The extreme pain may also be sensed with frequent urination, burning sensations during urinating and hematuria with other symptoms.

6.Conditions Particular to Women

The ectopic pregnancy situation in women can cause a discomfort in the lower left portion of the abdomen. Various other reasons could be ligament pain originating from luteal cysts and the widening uterus among others.

Endometriosis, that involves the development of the uterus tissue lining away from uterine cavity causes pain, irritation, and also the expansion of adhesions. This may also result in constipation, diarrhea and pain during urination and through menstruation.


1. Do Not Hesitate to Seek Medical Help

Lower left abdominal discomfort may be a result of severe medical ailments. Hence, you have to be aware of immediate medical treatment. When you’ve got no bowel movements or get blood in the vomit, a rigid abdomen, and blood in the stool, intense beginning of a critical pain, oral bleeding and abdominal pain in pregnancy, you must call 911 at a time. A diminished hunger, bladder symptoms and a fever must also cause you to get worried and take medical check-up.

2. Make Some Dietary Changes

The problems resulting in sharpened pain in lower left abdomen are due to bad diet plan. That’s why, it is remarkably preferable to have a balanced diet in your food. Be sure you drink a minimum of Eight glasses of water daily. This can prevent tummy relevant problems such as constipation and gas. Over a balanced diet, you have to keep an eye on the type of food you eat. Properly observe the meals that creates discomfort in your abdomen and keep off them.

3. Try Some Lifestyle Changes

Physical exercises such as waist dance and yoga are incredibly useful in creating the abdominal muscles relax. It is really an efficient way of making abdominal pain out. Avert placing a large amount of stress over the disturbed abdominal region by sleeping well. Take advantage of a physical fitness trainer and study more about ways to have enough sleep so as to lessen the lower left abdominal pain.

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