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Jaden Smith Plans to Cut Off His Peni$ for 18th Birthday


Jaden Christopher Syre Smith is an American actor and rapper. The actor of movie ‘The Karate Kid’ is also famous for his controversial love affairs and weird plans. He makes a very weird plan for his birthday.

Well, birthdays are probably the best times do to something new or to discover new things and no one ask for any reason for whatever you do. You can dye your hair in orange, pink or whatever color you want or you can get a tattoo on anywhere on body and no one really asks for a justification. These things are too common, even among celebrity, but Jaden Smith like to work by going out of the way and this he again want to do something very weird for his birthday. This birthday, he is planning to chop off his Peni$. Yes, you read it correctly. Read this whole story on next page.

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