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Extreme Case Of Cyberbullying Faced By Middle Schooler And Family

Cyberbullying is increasing day by day and an increased number of cases are being reported daily. It is suffered by children, adults and unfortunately, many times it is adults who are bullying children. Where is the world going with the power of internet? Everyone is unsafe and anyone can be a victim to cyberbullying. Here is one such story of a girl and a family from Meadow in Texas.

This is Mia Gonzalez who learned how cruel can people be.


She is 13 years old and so early on, has realized that no one should be easily trusted. Her family is of 9 people and all are frightened by the fact that Mia is trapped under cyberbullying. She has stalkers who she does not even know and they are sending her messages which are so brutal, all over the social media.


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