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These People Are So Busy In Taking Pictures That They Forgot About Reflection

Applications of internet are very vast and our life is totally depends on it and with the development of technology and modernization in mobile industry we all are having sharp shooter smart phone. They all equipped with high resolution camera which gives you high quality image. Apart from all that we have our social accounts which get updated by us with variety of selfies. Our motive behind posting it is to share our feeling, mood, locations and sometimes it shows our reactions with a particular situation. But have ever thought about the background before clicking selfie. If not then this one is only for you. Click on next to know more about it.


Some people who didn’t bother about picture’s background and after updating it to personal social profile the reaction comes are very horrible. Especially when you are in the front of mirror to click dashing image to make other jealous but surprised with the results. Next to this we are sharing some picture in which they forget to make them aside from mirror and it gives very bad reflections in clicked image.


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