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Genius Dad Turns Kiddie Pool Into Science Project

I love me a good science experiment, and that one is so nice! Trying to impress your buddies? Impress your kids? You must check out this, and try it on your own this season. See as Father and his two sons have a bit fun with “constructive wave interference” in the backyard swimming pool. His kids’ laughter and screams are just infectious!

This exclusive pool phenomenon can easily be produced in every pool. How does constructive wave interference work?  Physics Classroom said, “Constructive interference is a kind of interference that happens at any place over the medium where 2 interfering waves use a displacement  along the same direction. It is seen at any place where the 2 interfering waves are displaced upward. But it is also seen when both interfering waves are displaced downward. It’s shown in the image below for 2 downward displaced pulses.”

Personally, that’s a bit too scientific for my mind to manage. However I do realize one thing: this father generates a few really fantastic waves! And I am not the only one who feels thus; because this video was uploaded in 2007, it has  been viewed more than a million times.

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