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Man Shows Off The Fence He Built For His Dog. But There’s A Catch.

Dogs are famous for their rambunctious attitude, and oftentimes it is entirely impossible to keep them from being their adventurous, misbehaving faces. But that is why we love them, true? Below, we meet a dog dad who went out of his way to save his dog, Stella, from running out of the yard and move towards the neighbor’s backyard. Joe Ballew spent hours of time and effort developing a wooden boundary around his yard. Right now, his home made video, that he just uploaded to YouTube, is going popular for the most entertaining reason.

As the fence had been completed, Joe could not  wait to stand back and enjoy in all his effort. He made sure to stand back and film the moment he presented his outstanding new fence to Stella. “Yep, just completed fixing this fence. Pretty proud of it, I’ve gotta say.” And after that, lastly, the camera pans on the entire fence as Stella realizes she is a caged dog in fact. Or is she? Just as you feel Dad’s work is about to pay off, Stella tells us how intelligent and sassy our animals can really be.

I guess you may know where it is going, however I do not  like to give it out. It is too amusing! So amusing, really, that the video already has got 500,000 views on YouTube within a few days.

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