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Man Transforms Old Gas Station Into Stunning Home For Family

Robert Guthrie thought to do some thing exciting. While he said to his little son they’re going to reside in a gas station, even the small boy thought he was out of his mind. But, Robert went on and bought the run-down gas station, almost hundred years old, outside of the French Quarter in New Orleans. He just did jaw-dropping with it. Robert turned the 2,000-square-foot area into his happy house. However, he managed it while also giving homage to the space’s prior life as Sinclair Gasoline. All around the house, you can observe small touches of its previous history. From the toy car decorations to the oil can holder turned toilet paper holder in wash room.

Robert put in a roof deck, hydraulic-lift switched to stair-case, jacuzzi, and complete modern kitchen. It only proves that we are not restricted to the choices given to us. Sometimes a regular home won’t do, and it is creative people like Robert who create the world a little bit more interesting.

What is your opinion about this modern home with a vintage feel? Can be a gas station a little bit strange for you? Inform us in the comments!

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