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Does Your Wrist Tendon Stick Out? Here’s What It Means…

Appendix… tonsils… wisdom teeth… When your body won’t need these parts now, our forefathers once did – still we are born with such parts yet unchanged. Those “remains of our deep records” are referred as vestigial structures, and these lead to a really fascinating topic. In that video, thanks to Vox, you will study a few amazing truths regarding how humans get advanced with time.

Wikipedia explains vestigial structures as “genetically determined structures or attributes that have apparently lost most or all of their ancestral function in a given species, but have been retained during the process of evolution.” Typical types of vestigial structures involve appendix, wisdom teeth, tonsils, and also goosebumps onto the skin. Such things all useful to serve a purpose for our forefathers, but we don’t need them for survival.

Here is a crazy test: Having your arm on the plain surface, push your thumb against your pinkie and point your hand upward. If you notice a raise band in the center of your wrist, it means you have got a vestigial muscle in your forearm. That tendon connects to your muscle which 10-15% of people are in fact missing in 1 or each arm. However if you don’t get one of these tendons, not be worried – as it is a vestigial muscle, it causes no difference in grip power.

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