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This Banana Foster-Inspired Dessert Is The Easiest Ice Cream Cake To Whip Up

Sometimes you want an impressive pastry that require a little effort. This recipe will be the best answer to that. It is very simple and easy to make, seems like you have done a lot of job to make it, also it tastes good. Since it is a freezer cake, you can make it before hand and easily put the final caramel effect well before serving, which means it is the perfect cake to have when your guests arrived. The combine effect of vanilla, bananas, cinnamon and caramel in the cake for real delight to the senses. And since it is Diply accepted, you know it will be perfect suited to get any culinary level!

What you’ll need:
– pound cake
– 2 bananas
– cinnamon
– vanilla ice cream, softened
– caramel sauce
– whipped topping
– freezer
The method:
Firstly , slice your pound cake, lengthwise, into 1 ” sectors. Now peel your bananas and slice them. Apply vanilla flavor ice cream across the base layer of the cake. Put banana slices and spread with cinnamon. Set the second cake layer ahead and so on. At the top final cake layer. Mask the entire thing with whipped cream (you may also pipe this to make it cool, or glob and apply with a spatula). Freeze up. If you take it out from the freezer, drizzle (or cover) the dessert with caramel sauce. BOOM. You have been done. Ofcourse it was easy, wasn’t it? Well enjoy that banana foster cake. Mmmmm.

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