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A Real-Life Sea Monster Has Been Caught On Tape, And It’s Terrifying  

The ocean offers some attractive wildlife. Whether it be the vibrant colors of fish in the coral reef, dolphins gracefully swimming about the water’s surface or calm seahorses gliding all over, all of us wonder at what the ocean is offering.

Well, if you keep going deeper underwater, where the sunlight doesn’t hits, the wild animals start to become strange. One terrifying creature that sea adventurers experienced a really tough time taking video is the deep-sea anglerfish. Anglerfish was also named as”Black Seadevil” and has a primarily nightmarish looking face. The anglerfish carries a mouth that appears to take up most of its face and is particularly loaded with teeth that look like long slivers of broken glass. Strangely enough, the anglerfish is totally invisible for its victim and kind of will let you marvel why it needs to appear so terrifying. This real-life sea creature is often very tough to find and divers generally require to go deeper inthe sea you can approximately 600 meters (roughly 2,000 feet) to get it. For the first time EVER, the deep sea vehicle Doc Ricketts has shot this sea monster on camera in Monterey Bay for everyone to watch!l

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