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15 Important Makeup Milestones Every Makeup-Obsessed Person Will Relate To

It has just come to my consideration that they’ve greeting cards to point birthdays, wedding anniversaries, holidays – heck, even dog marriages, but have still have not made one for the major milestones. You know, those who surely count. Just like the very first time you pull off purple lipstick, or when you started using primer so that your makeup seemed perfect throughout the day These are not small successes, people. They’re life-changing experiences.

Till the greeting card company acquires its head within the game, you will need to accept these makeup key events I have set up. For those you fashionistas and people who bend throughout their sleep, how many of these 15 makeup milestones will you relate with? Have a look on them.

1. When you finally master blended eye makeup

Recall when eye makeup consisted of three very distinctive line of shade blocks? All of those were dark days. Let’s try to forget them.


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