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Things Everyone Just Ignored In Deadpool

Let’s acquire one thing straight: we absolutely loved Deadpool. After been unsuccessful turns playing Hannibal King (Blade: Trinity), the Green Lantern, and, unbelievably, Deadpool, we are just glad to watch Ryan Reynolds find his footing and take part in the role he was expected to play: the actual Deadpool, not really that fake one from X-Men Origins. Reynolds’ affinity for hilarity is totally on-point through the entire film and it is the main reason you must see it. Everybody else around Wade Wilson is type of stale, but that is fine considering the amount of Reynolds’ comedy offers. Even still, Wade Wilson freely bashes cliche superhero origin films…but Deadpool is kind of one itself. Let’s put the Chimichangas and crayons down and check out a few of the funny elements of Dead pool that didn’t leave us laughing. Spoilers ahead…

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