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Top 10 Most Annoying Things People Do At Work

#10 Meeting starting prior to the working day
We all have them…all the time. Those early morning meetings that the management just cant understand why no one is enthusiastic about! I mean…really…coming to work early to talk about really nothing doesn’t really excite people! If you cant see that, how can you as management see into the future! Oh! Did I mention that to top it off…they never ever ever allow you to leave early on that same day. Weird that you put in extra hours from your life, yet they still want more and to be appreciative of the chance to work for a company that expects you to come in early at the drop of a hat, to be enthused and to participate about items that are in no way relevant to your income earning ability. Switch on management! Oh sorry, I forgot…there’s no money in the budget for power before 7:30am!

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