Home Remedies For Headache

Today we will discuss some home remedies for headaches. This is one of the most common issues faced by all of us at some point or another in our life. Medically a headache is described as a pain originating anywhere near the neck or head. A number of things cause headaches; some of them are benign easily curable and other are more serious issues. Although the brain tissue itself is unable to feel pain, the disturbances in the pain sensitive structures surrounding it cause the headaches.

Headaches can be classified into 3 common types: Cluster, tension and migraine headaches. The usual cause behind headaches include excessive smoking and drinking, constriction of blood vessels, genetic causes, dehydration, neck or eye strain, oversleeping or overdosing on medicines etc. Depending on the severity of the headaches it may cause symptoms such as nausea, watery eyes, runny or congested nose and even vomiting. In regular cases people tend to simply take in over-the-counter medicines to cure the headaches or decongestants to relieve the pain. On the other hand the following natural remedies can also treat the headaches quickly and effectively.

1. Ginger


The anti-inflammation properties present in ginger are very effective for curing the headaches. They reduce the inflammation of the blood vessels in the head which provides relief.

  • Simplest remedy would be get some crystallized ginger candy and chew a couple of pieces.
  • By boiling some raw ginger or ginger powder and inhaling the vapours also help with the headaches.
  • Mixing a teaspoon of dry ginger powder with 2 tablespoon of water and applying it on the forehead for a few minutes also relieves the pain.
  • You can also mix equal parts of lemon and ginger juice and consume it twice a day for relief.

2. Mint Juice


The primary components of mint: menthol and menthone make very effective remedies for relieving headaches.

  • Simple extract some mint juice from fresh mint leaves and apply it on the forehead and temples.
  • You can also take some mint tea and use it as a tea compress on the forehead for relief.
  • Coriander juice can also be used in similar way for treating headaches.

3. Peppermint Oil

Peppermint Oil

Like mint, peppermint oil also contains some menthol which helps in opening up clogged/inflamed blood vessels along with providing some calming and soothing effects.

  • Inhaling peppermint steam is very effective. Simply add a few drops of the peppermint oil in boiling water and inhale the vapours for a few minutes.
  • You can also mix 3 drops of peppermint oil in a tablespoon of almond or olive oil or just plain water.
  • Massage this mixture on your forehead and temples.
  • Applying crushed fresh peppermint leaves on your forehead also help.

4. Basil

Basil Leaves

Basil contains some muscle relaxant properties making it effective in treating mild headaches normally caused by tense muscles. It also has some calming and analgesic effects.

  • Have some basil tea. Boil 3-4 fresh basil leaves in a cup of boiling water and let it steep. You can add honey (as per taste) for flavouring.
  • Sip the tea.
  • Inhaling basil steam also helps relieve the headache. Simply add a few drops of the basil oil to the boiling water and inhale its vapours.
  • Mixing basil oil with some other oil like olive or mustard oil and massaging on the forehead provides relief too.
  • You can also chew on some fresh basil leaves.

5. Lavender Oil

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil scent is very soothing and relaxing. Inhaling its scent helps immensely in relieving the tension/stress headaches. According to research, it even helps with migraine headaches.

  • To inhale the scent , you can apply a few drops on a tissue or clean cloth and inhale it by bringing it close to your nose.
  • Steam inhalation is also just as effective. Add a few drops of lavender oil in boiling water (approx. 2 cups) and inhale the steam.
  • Mixing 2-3 drops of the lavender oil with a tablespoon of almond or olive oil and massaging it on the forehead also helps in alleviating headaches.
  • Lavender oil is not suitable for taking orally.

6. Ice Pack

ice packs

The ice pack can provide required cold to reduce the inflamed blood vessels which cause the headaches. The cold also provides a numbing effect to the pain.

  • Take an ice pack and apply it to the back of your neck for relief.
  • Frozen vegetables can also be used as a cold compress instead of ice pack. The relief will be felt in approx. half an hour.
  • You can also soak some clean wash cloth or small towel in ice cold water and apply it to the forehead for 5 minutes, repeating several times.

7. Rosemary


Rosemary oil contains rosmarinic acid which has anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. This makes it an effective remedy for curing headaches.

  • Mix some rosemary oil with a tablespoon of almond, olive or mustard oil and massage it on the forehead.
  • You can also make some rosemary tea. Just add about a teaspoon each of crushed rosemary leaves and crushed sage leaves to a cup of water. Bring the water to boil and cover it, letting it steep for 10 minutes. Let the tea cool down to room temperature before drinking it.
  • Have this 2-3 times a day.
  • The tea can be just as effective with only one of the above mentioned herbs but the two combined makes it better.
  • In case you suffer from high blood pressure or epilepsy, rosemary oil is not recommended.

8. Cloves


Cloves also contain some soothing, cooling and pain relieving properties.

  • Similar to other remedy oils, mix clove oil with olive, mustard or almond oil and massage on the forehead for relief.
  • Another massage oil remedy is to mix 2 teaspoons of coconut oil, a teaspoon of sea salt and 2 drops of clove oil together and rub it gently on the forehead.
  • Inhaling some crushed cloves wrapped in a clean cloth whenever you have a headache helps.

9. Apples


Apply and apple cider vinegar are both helpful in alleviating headaches due to their ability to balance the acid and alkaline levels in the body.

  • Mix 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and drink.
  • Or best remedy is to eat an apple with some salt sprinkled on it.

10. Acupressure


This is a dangerous remedy if not applied properly and to be avoided in pregnancy.

  • At the highest spot of the muscle when both the thumb and finger are brought close together, press and massage this fleshy area.
  • Do this for a couple of minutes and then repeat on the other hand.
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